NGV Triennial EXTRA festival


NGV Triennial EXTRA festival

Triennial EXTRA | 19 – 28 JANUARY 2018 (6PM – 12AM) | NGV International | FREE

Award-winning Melbourne chef Andrew McConnell will take over NGV’s Garden Restaurant, transforming it into Supernormal Natsu from 19 to 28 January 2018. The collaboration will form part of Triennial EXTRA – a one-off, 10-day festival, featuring dance, performance, guest DJs, pop-up bars and conversations to celebrate the inaugural NGV Triennial.

Some of Australia’s favourite musicians will take up residence as DJs during Triennial EXTRA, bringing to life Melbourne’s best backyard, the NGV Garden. Highlights will include members of indie-rock group Jungle Giants, alternative band Saskwatch, singer-songwriter Dan Sultan, indie artists Cloud Control, rocker Tex Perkins, husband and wife duo Dave Graney and Clare Moore and electropop act Miami Horror and more… full lineup below.

Open from 12pm to 10pm daily during Triennial EXTRA, Supernormal Natsu presents a new and exclusive summer menu for NGV diners, inspired by popular Melbourne pan-Asian eatery Supernormal. Guests will be treated to an evocative culinary experience, celebrating the smells, tastes and sounds of Natsu (Japanese for ‘summer’). With a Japanese hibachi grill located on the terrace of the restaurant, diners can expect a delicious menu of grilled meat and seafood complemented by the finest summer ingredients. Specialty vegetable dishes are also on offer with an array of summer-inspired shaved ice desserts to finish. Tony Ellwood, Director, NGV said of the collaboration ‘Andrew McConnell is one of Australia’s most renowned chefs and an innovator of the culinary arts. His pioneering approach to food and dining makes him the perfect fit for the Triennial EXTRA festival and our first Triennial exhibition.’ Chef Andrew McConnell said, ‘The Garden Restaurant at the NGV is one of the most beautiful dining rooms in Melbourne. I am thrilled with the opportunity to work with the NGV, bringing Supernormal Natsu to St Kilda Road, exclusively for Triennial EXTRA.’

During Triennial EXTRA, the NGV will come alive with participatory and experiential events taking place throughout the exhibition and NGV Garden. The free program of art, performance, fashion, music, design and ideas will include Shakespearean excerpts performed by actors from Bell Shakespeare within the new large-scale sculptural work Mass by Ron Mueck. Presented in collaboration with acclaimed dance company Chunky Move, EXTRA will feature a dance takeover of the NGV Triennial exhibition spaces. Curated by Chunky Move Artistic Director Anouk van Dijk the program introduces five new performance works created by Anouk van Dijk, Antony Hamilton, Prue Lang and Thomas E.S Kelly that will take audiences on a unique experience of the Triennial through dance. Audiences can also take tours by leading scientists and technologists, writers and campaigners, including award-winning science journalist Tanya Ha and African artist collective Still Nomads who will explore themes and contexts central to the NGV Triennial including identity, technology, race and the environment.

Triennial EXTRA is open from 6pm – midnight and will run from 19 – 28 January 2018 at NGV International, 180 St Kilda Road, Melbourne. Entry to all programs and events is free. Occurring every three years, the NGV Triennial presents an unprecedented and large-scale exhibition of international art, design and architecture opening at NGV International, 180 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, from 15 December 2017 – 15 April 2018. Entry is free.

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– MIAMI HORROR DJ SET 9.00 – 11.00pm

Miami Horror’s sound is percussive and colourful, taking influence from 70s post-punk as well as the hypnotic bounce of world-beat pop artists of the 80s. Known for their diverse sound and mix of influences, Miami Horror’s DJ set features a mix of current funky house tunes, alongside your favourite throwback dance numbers for good measure.

– JESS CORNELIUS (Teeth & Tongue) DJ SET 6.00-8.00pm

Jess Cornelius is the singer, songwriter and instrumentalist behind Teeth & Tongue. Over the course of four critically-acclaimed albums, Teeth & Tongue gradually morphed from a solo project into a collaborative ‘band-like’ affair, culminating in the 2016 album Give Up On Your Health. In 2017 Jess released solo EP Nothing Is Lost, under her own name. Jess’ DJ set traverses Africa, South and North America and the Australian underground of the 60s and 70s; including Peruvian psych rock, Nigerian disco funk, Zamrock, Afrobeat and a little Australian surf.


– QUAN & BEN (Regurgitator) DJ SET 9.00 – 11.00pm

Regurgitator’s Quan Yeomans and Ben Ely infuse exuberance and mania in a head to head battle between digital beat mixes and hip hop versus old timer Psych and Punk records. It’s a show down never before witnessed at the NGV. Place your bets ladies and gentlemen.

– GOLD CLASS DJ SET 6.00-8.00pm

Formed by a union of workmates and friends from a Melbourne bar and creative-writing course, Gold Class’s string of lean, explosive live shows culminated in the albums It’s You and Drum – a distillation of the then-fledgling group’s wiry punk, carried by Adam Curley’s booming baritone and themes of personal politics, sexuality and identity. Gold Class puts down the guitars and brings their eclectic taste in a DJ set during Triennial EXTRA.



Enigmatic songwriter and guitarist Dan Kelly has been releasing Australian technicolour adventure albums for 15 years, deftly walking the line between comedy, the existential and real horrors of the coming ecological meltdown and the lure of the sub-tropics. Melbourne DJ, Producer and Dan Kelly’s cousin – Declan Kelly has spent the last 21 orbits cultivating a low bank balance in pursuit of leftfield sonic ecstasies of one form of another. The Kelly cousins collaborate for the first time ever and create a DJ set that combines all of the elements of the universe, time and space mixed with a large dose of truth, beauty and strange outsider global jam ultra vibes.

– DAN SULTAN DJ SET 6.00-8.00pm

Dan Sultan is one of Australia’s most recognised and prolific songwriters. His new album Killer debuted at #5 on the ARIA Chart and was released to widespread critical acclaim. Media and fans alike are hailing it as Dan Sultan’s most ambitious and accomplished work to date. Killer takes Dan’s storytelling into uncharted territory, as he pushes into his most personal and political realms yet. Dan will be playing a selection of his favourite good time rock and roll and classic hits spanning every decade since Howling Wolf.


– SASKWATCH DJ SET 8.00-10.00pm

Melbourne’s Saskwatch have had an epic year, from deciding to release their album independently as well as stepping into their own producing chair. From Fania and Sugarhill, Blue Note and Impulse, as well as the cream of the antipodean scene, Saskwatch’s DJ set is a mish mash of sounds from across space and time.

– JAE LAFFER (The Panics) & ALEX MARKWELL (The Delta Riggs) DJ SET 6.00-8.00pm

As long-time friends and fans of each other’s bands, 2017 saw Alex and Jae working together in the studio with Alex producing and playing on Laffer’s upcoming sophomore solo album release. Constantly referencing their favourite music for each other, those songs have become a DJ set of a sometimes classic, sometimes obscure, always feel-good party playlist, creating a feel good spirit-lifting atmospheric mash of the best bands of the last century.



Midnight Juggernauts are a uniquely intriguing creature in the musical landscape. Across various albums from Dystopia, The Crystal Axis, Uncanny Valley and various bizarre EPs, they’ve well established their penchant for exploring new directions and dimensions. JUGGERNAUT DJs sonically traverse from Nigerian-disco to Turkish-prog-boogie to Thai Salad Dressing, keeping dancefloors well marinated.

– FRASER A GORMAN DJ SET 6.00-8.00pm

Melbourne singer-songwriter Fraser A Gorman has never forgotten that rock music is meant to be fun. Sure, you can sing songs about heartache and you can sing songs about loss but you gotta do it because it makes you feel better. He’s a rare performer, artfully combining the sensitivity, romance and introspection of a classic songwriter with an unadulterated joy of performing in front of an audience. Gorman’s DJ set takes us through an eclectic mix of influences, touchstones and rare musical gems. Dipping deep into his vast record collection expect to hear a wide variety of hits and near-misses, ranging from country to soul, jazz to folk, rock, hip hop and most things in between.



The Jungle Giants have become the poster people for taking creative risks in the studio, as seen throughout the journey from their first EP to Triple J feature albums Learn To Exist, Speakerzoid and Quiet Ferocity. Expect some nu-disco, some house and a few dirty little groovers in their DJ set, basically all the tracks played once you finally pass the aux.


Rock icon and Magic Dirt front woman Adalita is currently working on her third solo album. Adalita regularly DJs at Cherry, Revolver and the Retreat, often with Melbourne music identity Mary Mihelakos who has been DJing for 17 years. Adalita and Mary vibe off each other and the room, playing an eclectic mix of forgotten garage classics and local music.


– ELIZA WOLFGRAMM DJ SET (the Avalanches) 8.00-10.00pm

The Avalanches’ front person Eliza Wolfgramm first started singing with her sisters, The Wolfgramm Sisters singing backing vocals for the late Sharon Jones, and many of Australia’s greats as residents for TV music program Rockwiz. As a lead vocalist and MC she has supported De La Soul, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Roots Manuva, Talib Kweli and just completed the Wildflower World Tour alongside Spank Rock. Eliza’s DJ vibe is a mix of party grooves off she regularly plays in her dressing room pre-gig to get a warm up and post-gig tour bus long drives.

– TEX PERKINS DJ SET 6.00-8.00pm

Lead singer, songwriter, performer, author and ping-pong enthusiast Tex Perkins has entertained, surprised and often confused his audiences jumping from one band or project to the next in an almost schizophrenic fashion. His deep groove mash up freaked on chill mix goes from Alice Cooper to Alice Coltrane,  from Barry White to Barry Gray, from Pink Floyd to Black Sabbath and back again.


– GL DJ SET 9.00 – 11.00pm

GL are Melbourne duo Ella Thompson and Graeme Pogson, who together create a thrilling contemporary spin on classic disco, funk, boogie, soul and electronic pop. The duo compile their influences of rarities and roof raising hits, bringing a ravenous live mix of Laser-soul, romance-dance, RnB  and Electronic-Funk to their DJ set.

– CLOUD CONTROL DJ SET 6.00-8.00pm

Cloud Control has found balance as a three-piece made up of Alister Wright, Heidi Lenffer and Ulrich Lenffer, bringing back a new resolve, borne out of a decade of experience. Their new record has been made in their own time, on their own terms, and it sounds exactly the way they wanted it to. Drawing from their eclectic record collection, their DJ set is as diverse as it is enjoyable.


– BIG SCARY DJ SET 9.00 – 11.00pm

Big Scary released their third LP Animal in 2016, released to not only critical and popular acclaim but cemented Big Scary as the unassuming independent heroes of the Australian music scene. Big Scary’s Jo aka DJ Slymewave & Co. brings the good times, championing the current indies, getting cheesy with some RnB and making you move with the heroes of soul.


Dave Graney and drummer Clare Moore have been collecting vinyl since it was the only way you could get music into your ears. Out in their compound in the hills of Melbourne they have one of the wildest collections of exotic/jazz/funk/disco/classic rock and country sounds you could imagine, (but increasingly they prefer CDs!). Their DJ set is a taste of infinity and a taste of the ABYSS!


– NINA LAS VEGAS 8.00-10.00pm

Nina Las Vegas (Nina Agzarian) has become one of the most influential figures in the Australian music scene. As a label head, producer and DJ, Nina passionately dedicates herself to promoting and celebrating the sounds of underground dance music from both Australia and abroad. Nina spent 10 years in broadcast radio as a host and programmer on Triple J dedicating herself to celebrating the sounds of underground dance music from both Australia and abroad. Nina’s work ethic, tastemaker status and the inability to tie her to one genre is what makes her one of the most exciting DJs going around.

– NO ZU DJ SET 6.00-8.00pm

NO ZU are an 8-piece, body-music extravaganza dug up from deep within the Melbourne underground dance world. No wave, disco not disco, mutant dance and other absurdities have all melted under the Antipodean sun and all over Nic’s brain over the years. Come and dance, sweat and fly your freak flag to the proto-ZU sounds of Nic’s DJ set.