REGURGITATOR now sleigh Melbourne and Ballarat – XMAS shows DEC 22 & 23


REGURGITATOR now sleigh Melbourne and Ballarat with a double blagger of special intimate xmas shows!  Bring on the missle toes!



plus Damian Cowell’s Disco Machine & U-Bahn

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plus Glitoris and World Turtle World

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And some further words from the John Curtin… along with some really neat poster art by Kate Moon.

Holy Moly! The cast and crew of the Curtin announce the line-up of their annual Xmas blast! These parties have been our chance to indulge our collective music tastes, look out to a galaxy of stars and ask for a Xmas miracle. We got one..

REGURGITATOR are playing the Curtin for Xmas!

We’ve grown up on Regurgitator while new fans are still discovering them. They have gifted us with 9 albums of exuberant, manic, mashed-up rock, punk, electro, funk, pop that was often well ahead of its time. They’ve performed some of the weirdest experiments in Australian music history, who can forget the disturbing Fed Square ‘Band in a Bubble’ parody of reality shows. Not to mention, they’ve given us some of the most memorable song titles. Regurgitator have sucked a lot of cock and along the way used their honest, self-deprecating sense of humour and fun to help us unpack the darkside of our industry, humanity, progress and technology.  They remain one of the most vital and awesome live bands. They’re still touring. Still flooring it!

To add to this line up of superlative pop party proportion, we’ll be joined by Damian Cowell – the voice of TISM – and his Disco Machine featuring Tony Martin. Damian Cowell and his Disco Machine friends are joined by 2018 best Australian comedy podcast-winner, #1 Australian radio comedian of all-time and all-round icon Tony Martin in an extravaganza of party music, rapier wit, silly dancing and multi-visual karaoke madness. The Disco Machine’s ‘Disco Christmas’ – a disrespectful, irreligious and frankly shameful debasement of the festive tradition – has been an annual event for the past three years. Now, like the whiskey-breathed uninvited uncle at Christmas lunch, the Disco Machine are delighted to bring ‘Disco Christmas’ to the Curtin as special guests of Regurgitator. They’ll be dreaming of a ‘Fuckwit-free Christmas’, plus featuring highlights from their latest album ‘Get Yer Dag On!’ which The Guardian described as “a triumph” with songs that are “impossible not to quote in their entirety”. Besides: anything that involves Tony Martin doing the Nutbush just has to be seen.

And our latest obsession, synth enthusiasts U-Bahn. Originating just this year from a chance meeting between bedroom recording magician Lachlan Kenny and vintage synthesiser enthusiast Zoe Monk, the duo bonded over a shared love of analog electronics, Teutonic experimentalism and lo-fi bubblegum aesthetics. They initiated Leland Buckle, Darcy Berry and Myles Cody into their sect and U-Bahn debuted their futurist glam-punk aberrations to the public in May 2018. Since then they’ve shocked and baffled audiences alongside ORB, Terry, Constant Mongrel and they’re set to star alongside Melbourne’s favourite acts at Gizz Fest. Their music is an exploration of vice, post-digital mindscapes and dystopic sexuality while serving as an altar piece to the dazzling weirdness of the 70’s and 80’s bizarro underground.

Wrap it up with a ribbon, put a ticket in a friend’s stocking, come and help us top off an awesome year of shows, good friends and great times with one of the best ones yet.

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Seems Ballarat’s stalwart supporter of live music KAROVA LOUNGE has had us on their original bucket list for nearing on 15 years or so now. We never served their better interests. Jeez even much loved Fugazi graced the space in years prior when it was a YMCA. So now… we finally get to honour that inaugural dream list of 5 artists – the last of that list they hoped to have play their stage one day.

And along to ride the yuletide with us is none other than recent tour compadres GLITORIS bursting forth with their debut album and current tour… along with supernal locals WORLD TURTLE WORLD.

GLITORIS. Four fearless female musicians who roar through uncompromising, unapologetic and unforgettable punk rock shows drop their highly-anticipated debut album THE POLICY on November 2nd with a title track single release on October 5th. After smashing out a month of critically acclaimed shows as Regurgitator’s Australia-wide special guests (Life Support Tour), Glitoris are now ‘one of the fiercest live forces in the country’ (Pile Rats) and bring their theatrical brand of punk mayhem back on the road in November/December 2018. Formed as a political protest, Glitoris has grown into a force unto itself. The band’s unique blend of fierce musicianship, indelible songwriting and bad-ass attitude has recently earned them a headline slot at Sydney’s Psych Fest, a New Zealand Fringe Festival residency, AU and US-wide radio play, multiple National Live Music Awards and nominations, support slots with Shonen Knife and Frenzal Rhomb, endorsements with Mesa Amplifiers and Vance Custom Guitars, not to mention an army of dedicated fans: THE GLITERATI. Building on their critically acclaimed ‘The Disgrace EP’ (2016) and explosive inauguration day single ‘Trump Card’ (2017), Glitoris returned in October 2018 with their highly-anticipated debut album: THE POLICY. Already received to widespread critical acclaim, the album represents Glitoris’ musicianship, attitude and politics all wrapped up in a comedic, visceral, defiant and ultimately empowering record. 

‘…a searing debut album that melds elements of political punk-rock, grandstanding rock n’ roll and devil horns-demanding metal for a ripper first LP’ – Pile Rats

‘A revolutionary breakthrough of Punk music in the modern era.’ – 4ZZZ Brisbane

‘A ball busting punk rock twist…makes you want to fuck shit up…a thrashing, bucking tornado of pure musical force’ – Gonzo Today (USA)

‘They’re unique, they’re exciting, they’ve got something to say and their music is fucking phenomenal’ – BMA Magazine

‘Misogyny and gender bias has a new enemy and its name is Glitoris’ – Scenestr

WORLD TURTLE WORLD have incarnated into human form and settled on Earth in the rural town of Castlemaine. They originally worked on a project to set up an ayahuasca retreat for misguided humans intent on destroying the planet for monetary gain. During breaks from this work, they formed a band. Their sound? Dynamic Synthesizer Rock. They take listeners through a sonic odyssey; weaving lyrical themes of esoteric poetry with the absurd, leaving audience and band members alike wondering which is which. The band’s lead Theremin player describes the music as “being profoundly shaped by our singer’s obsession with buying and collecting analogue synthesizers…profoundly”. The groups drummer states, “Most of our early music was written telepathically while the band was on silent meditation retreats. It’s difficult, and potentially illegal, to download music from the fourth dimension onto reel to reel”. Catch the next World Turtle World show here on Earth before they ascend into the higher realms.