SHONEN KNIFE are in OUR BEST PLACE with this twentieth studio album!


Out now on Valve through MGM – digital, CD and VINYL!

The world famous No.1 Japanese girl’s band Shonen Knife are releasing their latest album after 3 years since 2019’s Sweet Candy Power! Returning to their origin, this punk-pop album ‘OUR BEST PLACE’ became their masterpiece! And TWENTIETH studio album among so many compilations and live releases. 

Last seen in Australia touring their Sweet Candy Power with Regurgitator and The Fauves in late 2019, their albums have always popped with peppermint twists, this latest returning to the quirky punk-pop flavour that fuelled the revered fandom of Nirvana, Redd Kross, The Ramones, and Sonic Youth. Our Best Place is an eagerly anticipated return to their roots, especially for long-time followers of Japan’s dynamic pop trio fun!

OUR BEST PLACE packs the scene tight with punk pop tunes lead track ‘Nice Day’ and ‘MUJINTO Rock’ which taste like The Jam and Buzzcocks… the unique eccentricity of pop song ‘The Story Of Baumkuchen’… authentic hard rock number ‘Ocean Sunfish’… the re-recorded anthem of the 2003 Girls Like To Dance compilation and girl band anthem ‘Girl’s Rock’… a cover song of Naoko’s favourite Scottish band Pilot’s ‘Just A Smile’… and four more culinarily evocative songs – ‘Vamos Taquitos’, ’Spicy Veggie Curry’, Afternoon Tea’ plus ‘Better” – making a total of 10 songs (along with some bonus versions on vinyl and CD releases).

MUJINTO Rock – video by Rocco Canvas –

Rocco Canvas is a Japanese composer and video creator. In the fall, she enthusiastically picks up acorns in a local park and makes music by acorns for acorns and music based on real acorn sounds. And she’s been a big Shonen Knife fan for 40 years. She usually composes mostly psychedelic music and classical rock string arrangements. Website

And Girl’s Rock self-made lyric video –

They start overseas touring again from 2023! First up European tour in March and UK tour in April and May have been announced.

V170 – SHONEN KNIFE Out Best Place

Out now on Valve through MGM – digital, CD and VINYL!

Hyper-catchy pop-rock confection that takes up residence in a listener’s head after the first sing-along chorus”
-FLOOD Magazine

“Shonen Knife to remain one of the only bands around that is able to fully encompass both the cuteness and keen-ness after which they were named.” – Stereogum

 “Authentic, moving and daft, and the true heirs to the Ramones, Shonen Knife are just great.”
– Classic Rock Magazine